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Amazon’s Getting Criticized Amazon’s Face Recognition Technology Shows Gender, Race Biased Result


Amazon is getting in lots of controversy from last few days because according to some researchers at the MIT and Toronto university Amazon’s new face recognition service is misidentifying some people especially women with darker skin. Many civil advocates have taken this matter seriously, and they issued a lawsuit against the company for stopping this face recognition service which according to them is discriminating people of the minority community. Researchers found that Amazon’s new technology misidentified darker skin woman as men for 31 percent of the time. On the other hand, lighter skin women were identified as men for 7 percent of the time. Darker skin men had an only nominal rate of error, and more luminous skin men had none due to which many people from minority community are criticizing the company.

There are some companies which are trying to build the face recognition system with the help of artificial intelligence. However, according to some researches they way artificial intelligence is trying to mimic human could be dangerous in the future due to which they believe such kind of technology could be used to obtain the private data of a person. The facial detection technology has always been the topic of controversy because some organizations think that such technology is a threat to civil and privacy rights. However, Matt Wood,  Amazon’s general manager of artificial intelligence department said that the company uses Facial Analysis and it does not include Facial recognition technology.

However, some tech experts are saying that the company shall verify all the system which they use for getting face analysis technology because there could be a problem which needs a serious solution. Incidents like this can impact negatively on a company’s goodwill, or reputation and Amazon shall fix these issues as soon as possible.

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