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Amazon’s Latest Echo Dot Kids Editions Available In The Colorful Case With Parental Control Features

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Editions

“Awexa, play songs from Moana.” Suppose you are using Amazon Echo at your home and there are kids around you then definitely you must have caught a variation of that phrase uttered before. The e-commerce giant today is all set to make it easy for both kids and their parents to integrate Alexa into their day-to-day life with the latest Echo Dot Kids Edition and FreeTime services for Alexa.

The Echo Dot Kids Editions has followed the formula of its most popular Kindle Fire Kids Edition tablets. This edition is bundled with a safety rubber case and is available in different colours like red, green and blue. It would cost you $79.99 and is made available for preorder beginning from today itself with shipments opening on May 9th.

The Kids Edition Dot is similar to the standard Echo Dot in terms of technology and work. It possesses seven far-field microphones for taking up voice commands, it is able to link to a larger speaker using Bluetooth or an audio cable and it also has a built-in speaker for playing back the voice responses of Alexa or music.

The uniqueness of this Kids Edition is that it comes with preactivated FreeTime services. The service that can be activated on your existing Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Plus devices now add parental control feature providing kid-friendly content and also optimizes the experience for kids to Alexa. Though it’s not clear when FreeTime will be made available on third-party Alexa devices yes the company said that it would not be available on some Alexa devices that come with screens like the Echo Show and Echo Spot.

FreeTime on the device is classified into 2 tiers – one is the basic one which is free that includes the parental control and the second one is unlimited service that adds access to more than 300 kid-appropriate Audible audiobooks, kid-friendly radio stations, and ad-free. FreeTime Unlimited is comprised of the Echo Dot Kids Edition and with the Fire Tablet Kids Edition. It can also be bought distinctly opening at $2.99 per month for each child for Prime customers.

The basic version of FreeTime on Alexa excludes some certain features like news, shopping, and third-party skills that need connecting external accounts (like Domino’s and Uber). It let parents set time restrictions on when and how much Alexa should be used in a day, also they can pause the access to Alexa for a period of time. The dashboard for parents shows which songs, skills, and Audible books are accessed on Alexa and it permits the parents to erase any voice snippet recordings. The Subscribers of Amazon Music are powered to block any explicit song from playing using Alexa.