Home Tech News iPhone An Explicit Response from Siri for being asked to define ‘Mother’

An Explicit Response from Siri for being asked to define ‘Mother’

An Explicit Response from Siri for being asked to define ‘Mother’

Apple’s voice assistant called Siri has been well-known for producing some utterly bizarre answers to some requests but recently all the iPhone users got surprisingly perhaps the most explicit response from Siri this time.

Summon the Siri on your iPhone or Mac and then ask it to define ‘Mother’. The artificial intelligence voice assistant will start reading the definition plain & simple and then it would prompt you if you wish to know the second definition that it knows. And in case you say ‘Yes’ then for the sake of God, prepare yourself to hear Apple’s Siri’s R-rated response. Siri would say ‘As a noun, it means, short for ‘motherfucker’. Well, it was horrific.

This unexpected response from Siri was first leaked or I should say surfaced by redditors on the Apple subreddit. It seems to work across the board on most of its iOS devices worldwide, from iPhone 5S to iPhone X and iPads as well as on macOS. Interestingly it even works great with the Australian Siri that is just as charming as one might expect.

The virtual assistant of Tech giant seems to be getting the definition from the Oxford Dictionary that offers the ‘motherfucker’ response as a secondary definition for ‘Mother’ word. When you tap on the more button, it pulls up the meaning unveils ‘short for motherfucker’ which is in fact written in plain text just right there in its answer.

Indeed the Oxford Dictionary provides 4 separate sub-definition for word ‘mother’ that is commonly used but the voice assistant skips right over that and provides the one that is tagged as vulgar slang with no such warning.

Getting the virtual voice speaker Siri to curse is essentially amusement for several Apple fanatics. And you can get many ways to go about the giant tech’s voice assistant into rattling off some swearwords, which is actually fun for some people for about 45 seconds and will also perhaps be the most use you get out of Siri.

But the Apple’s Siri doesn’t like if you swear at it! It will certainly scold you for your vulgarities and also request you to be more kind and probably it’s truly a pretty rational position for the artificial intelligence to take. A faculty member at Missouri State University, Sheryl Brahnam accounts that between 10 to 50% of human interactions with artificial intelligence assistants are abusive.

Now it’s proved that Siri is undoubtedly the dumbest of all smart assistants.