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An extra keyboard protection of Apple MacBook Pro may sometimes fail to work efficiently

An extra keyboard protection of Apple MacBook Pro may sometimes fail to work efficiently

You are aware of Apple’s recently announcement of silicon protection to the keyboards of MacBook Pro 2018, that sounded quite interesting but when iFixit tested the results of the keyboard they found something scarce and infuriating.

Apple MacBook Pro butterfly laptops work fine and resist dust, particulate particles, and fine grain substances. But, when it comes in contact with larger or coarse-grain substances such as sand, they interfere in the smooth working of keys and damage them completely.

This was a small attempt of Apple to add an extra silicon layer beneath the keys of the keyboard for additional protection from dust and debris. Moreover, it resulted in smooth typing without making any sounds. It was designed to prevent debris from inflowing into the butterfly mechanism.

Apple made use of a finely powdered substance that remained constrained to the boundaries of the silicon membrane. This membrane sheltered the keys from outside dust and unwanted particles. However, their effort somewhat failed when they interleaved sand particles in the keyboard. This stopped the normal functioning and led to the belligerent sound of the keys while typing.

iFixit concluded by saying, “The silicon barrier inserted worked well and protected keys against dust and fine particulate particles, but it failed while covering up large particles.” People at Apple managed to do an excellent job by making such innovations for people who are lazy and clumsy enough to take care of their laptops from dust and other oily eatables.

Apple tried several times and launched a repair program for certain MacBook and MacBook Pro models. The company never admitted that it secretly worked on several problems of MacBook Pro keyboards. Later, it announced to fix the poorly responsive and complex keyboard’s issues such as unresponsive, sticky, and repeating keys.

The company recently tossed 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro 2018 models providing different services such as graphics card option, Random Access Memory, configurable processor, and storage. These laptops run on latest 8th generation Intel core processors.

Additionally, it has brought a touch bar, retina display; touch ID, large force touch trackpad. MacBook discloses this chip for the first time in order to call upon Apple’s virtual digital assistant Siri having a blatant dialogue “Hey Siri”.

An initial price of 13-inch MacBook Pro is $2180 while 15-inch comes at $2907. The company will start selling these products most probably this month through some of the Apple Authorized Resellers only. It will not be available at all the vendors, sellers, and resellers.