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Analysts Are Saying the Mandalorian Hasn’t Been Streamed By Disney+ In True HDR

analysts are saying the mandalorian hasn't been streamed by disney+ in true hdr

Disney has started its journey with epic shows like Star Wars, which is already getting popular among Star Wars fans. However, The new Star Wars based show The Mandalorian has reportedly not streamed in proper HDR quality by Disney+. This report is claimed to be published by a famous youtube channel which analyses and tests display quality. According to them, Disney+ did not stream The Mandalorian in true HDR because The Mandorian’s peak brightness reached up to 200 nits only, which is relatively very low. The comparison has been made with Star Wars movie The Force Awakens, which reaches a peak of 700 nits on Disney+ while streaming. Even old Star Wars movies reach a maximum of 400 nits considering the fact they are old. However, when it comes to The Mandalorian, it crashes out at just 200 nits, which is not acceptable for these techies. Analysts said that those people are facing the issue with brightness while watching The Mandalorian shouldn’t be surprised; instead, they should stream it in SDR.

The analysts suggest people not use HDR and instead go with SDR. Disney+ so far has not gotten any bad reviews for the streaming quality because the content is displayed correctly at high quality to its users. However, everyone is surprised about how Disney has missed such an essential part about The Mandalorian, which is loved by all Star Wars fans, and it can increase the user base of Disney also.

Releasing an HDR based content SDR quality will spread the bad review about the movie streaming platform, and Disney will have to look into it seriously. The competition in the streaming industry is already at its peak with big companies like Disney, Apple, Netflix competing with each other.