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Apple Can Soon Launch a Powerful, Wireless Headset for AR and VR

Apple Wireless Headset for AR and VR

A headset that can straddle two technologies in one is scheduled for 2020 and you can also tap into Apple’s peculiar chips. It’s the largest hint of tech giant showing its interest in virtual reality. The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook praises augmented reality with his words, saying it is a technology that is potentially as significant and important as the iPhone. Then he also adds that he may have huge plans for VR too.

As per some sources, it is unveiled that Apple Company is working on a headset preparing it for AR and VR technology. The plans so far are working to develop an 8k display for everyone which is certainly a higher resolution than best TVs. The name of this project is T288 which is still in its initial phase though slated for launch in 2020. However, the company still has the time to change or scrap this project or its plans.

The Tech giant refused to comment anything on it. It’s outstanding that the company is working on a headset that actually combines both AR (Augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) given its serious concentration over the past year on promoting augmented reality in their iPhones and iPads devices. CEO of the company said that he sees higher possibilities in AR field than VR because AR permits you to be more present. Well, with whatever the reason they are working on a headset, it’s apparently important for the company to expand beyond its phone market that is slowing mobile market.

The Cupertino, California-based company has experimented with several smaller virtual reality projects but the headset project marks the main investment in VR. VR – virtual reality diffidently transports you into a different digitally created world. Once hyped as the next hot tech trend, virtual reality has failed to get enough attention from consumers despite heavy investments from big companies like Google, Samsung, and Facebook’s Oculus.

There are some great examples of AR capabilities you must have gone through which is Pokemon Go, lenses that go over your face in Snapchat and Instagram photos.

It’s is believed that the company’s coming headset would link to a dedicated box utilizing a great speed, short-range wireless tech. The box would be inbuilt with a custom Apple processor that would stunt as the most powerful and act as the master-brain for the augmented reality and virtual reality headset. In the present state, the headset box appears like a PC tower though it certainly won’t be an actual Mac computer.

Sources also revealed that unlike the HTC Vive, people won’t have to install any special cameras in a room to detect the location. All is built into the headset and box of Apple.