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Apple Confiscates 25,000 illegitimate apps from its app store, but why?


According to the recent report generated by the company, Apple has removed 25,000 illegal applications from the app store in China.  Apple in all consists of 1.8 million apps in its app store.  Keeping such types of bookmaking apps in the app store is illegal in China.

Apple said, “We have previously confiscated many apps and developers who tried to dispense such apps in the app store.  We are attentive enough to recognize and stop reflecting them in the app store.”

More than 500 apps that were associated with the word lottery were pulled out from the store.  Gambling includes both the real money gambling as well as apps that pretend a gambling experience.  This is one of the firm steps Apple has taken to diminish the deceitful activities on social media.

Developers can no longer distribute gambling apps from their account, but they can continue submitting and distributing other apps to the App store, said the company.  Conversely, business people having verified accounts can still continue to submit and distribute the gambling apps from the app store.

Though, the tech giant made several attempts to remove unwanted apps, Chinese media has assessed Apple for not removing such gambling apps from the app store for so long.  Last year, it had blown off 700 virtual private networks from the Chinese App Store after the request lay down by the Chinese government.

These sort of apps allowed users to send the emails and messages over the websites that are been blocked by the company.  It’s usually used to bypass Great Firewall of China that confines internet access to foreign sites.  Apple has set up its own rules so that it eliminates unwanted apps from the app store.  However; it never looked into the matter seriously, which resulted in introducing and propagation of unwanted lottery and gambling apps into the app store.