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Apple Finally Allows Telegram to Update Its iOS App

Apple Finally Allows Telegram to Update Its iOS App

Telegram, the encryption-based messaging platform available for multiple devices, has been facing a bigger issue regarding its iOS app. The program was not able to roll out regular updates for the app, making it quite difficult for the company to stay compliant towards the General Data Protection Regulation. According to a recent tweet by Telegram CEO, however, Apple has removed the restriction and the company has rolled out the update. The tweet thanked Apple and its CEO Tim Cook for letting Telegram deliver the latest experience to its users across the world. The pressure from Russian authorities was one of the reasons why Apple was preventing the updates.

Telegram is supposed to be a service that respects the ultimate privacy of its users. So, the company had to refuse the order when the Russian authorities had asked Telegram to hand over the encryption keys, which would annihilate the whole concept of privacy. The Russian censor’s request was based on the anti-terror law. After Telegram did not comply to the terms, the service was blocked across Russia, using non-effective methods like blocking the IP addresses of Google Cloud and AWS servers. The CEO of Telegram said earlier that, in light of all these, Apple has not been allowing Telegram to update the app.

The real problem was that Apple was not allowing Instagram to roll out updates globally, meaning that any country would not receive updates from the platform. The CEO also added that the issue, although had the origin in Russia, had an impact on the overall user-base of the service, which isn’t encouraged. While a partial nod from Apple is a good sign for Telegram, the happiness would not last for long. Apparently, there is one legal order that asks Apple to ban Telegram app from the entire app store, which would cause problems in the long run. And, Apple has been quite obedient when it comes to such requests.