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Apple Has Decided To Put Restrictions On Third-Party Messaging Apps


Apple is that tech company which has managed to stay ahead of large tech companies by creating valuable products and services for its customers. Now recently, the tech giant company has taken a significant step of putting a restriction on third-party messaging apps like Facebook and whatsapp. Now under the new rules, third-party messaging apps will have limited access to what they are doing in the background. There are tons of messaging apps which are used by iPhone users, but famous ones are facebook messenger and Whastapp. Messaging apps used by users to make a call by using the internet, and now there are some new restrictions. Currently, VoIP-based messaging apps run in the background, which helps users to retrieve calls and messages more quickly.

However, in iOS 13 update, these apps are allowed to run in the background during VoIP calls only. One of the main reasons behind this decision is the data which these apps consume when they are running background. Popular messaging apps like Snapchat, Facebook, Whatsapp drains a considerable amount of battery, which also slows down the phone. Apple is focusing more on privacy issues because currently, that’s a hot topic which is ignored by many tech companies. Apple has always given importance to users privacy by not letting third parties have access to users private data.

Facebook said that they are trying to talk with Apple for using PushKit VoIP API, which can deliver an excellent private messaging experience to users. Thee new changes are going to affect those apps, which uses Apple’s VoIP technology to make internet-based calls. Apple is trying to make sure its platform iMessage gets more recognition. This move might help it since it’s restricting third-party messaging apps.