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Apple iOS 12.1 Gets Group Facetime and new emoji update


Like Google, Apple is also rolling out back to back operating system updates.  The recent news claims that the company will be displaying off its new set of iOS 12.1 update that will feature a new set of emoji and Group Facetime update.

The update will be available on Apple Play Store by October 30.  Along with it, the company will also make an announcement of new Mac and iPad pro models at a hardware event held in New York.  Alongside, it also brings dual sim support and depth control in the real-time preview for a newer set of Apple smartphones like iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR.

Group Facetime feature automatically detects who is online and makes the image of that person bigger.  Inactive participants will be listed at the bottom of the screen. In case you want to see a video of one of your friend you can tap on it can make it larger.  Group FaceTime is linked with iMessage Chat that enables you to chat with your friends.

Apple has rolled out more than 70 new emojis for iPad and iPhone.  New insertions in the category include some sports, animals, bald people, face with hearts, skateboard, softball, and Ilama.  Last month, it also announced new parental control that enables you to lock down your child’s device and screen time feature to spy on your child or monitor your own device usage.

Group Facetime includes wingless notification, automatic detection of active speakers, end-to-end encryption, and integration with Messages app.  According to the recent estimation, 50 percent of the Apple device ran on iOS 12 as of October 12. Around 39 percent on iOS 11 and 11 percent on a much older version.  As of October 26th, 22 percent of the Android devices ran of the newer version of Google’s operating system.