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Apple Is Facing Antitrust Issues In Russia


Apple is that tech company which has managed to give its investors the right type of returns by producing the correct variety of products. Even though the tech company has always avoided significant controversies related to antitrust laws, it seems like it might face the same in Russia. Recent reports show that Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has decided to open a probe on Apple. After receiving a complaint from the security company, Kaspersky Labs FAS has decided to take this action. Kaspersky Safe Kids app, which was on the App store got a red flag notice from Apple stating they have violated some rules of app store.

Kaspersky Labs said their app was on App Store before they received the notice of breaking the rules. However, removal made them to file a complaint against the tech giant for removing their app. Apple, in its announcement, said Kaspersky to delete configurations from the app. These configurations included two features, namely; App control and safari blocking, which was not benefiting Apple. Kaspersky further argued that the tech giant had added similar features like “screen time,” which was nothing but Apple’s version of parental control.

Kaspersky said that Apple used unfair market dominance to remove their app from the App store. Apple decided to remove parental control apps, which, according to the company, were a security threat. Apple removed several parental control apps, which were raising security concerns for the tech company. Kaspersky thinks the removal of their app from the App store is an immoral thing which Apple has done. It argues they would file an antitrust file against Apple for putting some absolute terms. Apple is getting triggered in Europe from the last few months for antitrust laws. There are other tech firms like Google, Facebook, which were on the radar of the EU for breaking antitrust laws, and they got fined.