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Apple might roll out new dual-SIM iPhones in approaching months

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We perceive dual SIM functionality in almost all the Android devices. Looking at them, Apple decided to bring this feature in its upcoming iPhone devices. Apple today dominates the US market and it’s really very uncommon for Americans to use a dual SIM smartphone. Developers have already started to code and recently took a test drive of beta 5 version for iOS 12.

They discerned some interesting diagnostic results that clearly exhibited new references to “second SIM tray status” and “second SIM status”. Along with existing physical SIM card, Apple has confirmed to incorporate second eSIM card in its upcoming smartphones.

According to the rumors, the dual SIM support will be available only for the latest and costliest smartphones of 2018 and not for the older ones. Somehow, it’s convenient for those who need to travel a lot and have two subscriptions or carriers. Further, they can use the same home account when they are on a business trip with cheaper plans for the place they are visiting.

Dual SIM cards are most popularly used in countries like Egypt, Nigeria, and Brazil whereas most exceptionally used in Canada, US, and Australia. Apple used the word “tray” for notifying its dual SIM debut that will perhaps fall in your pockets this year.

Along with the new dual SIM smartphone rollout, Apple has taken up its mind to get some trending functionality for its HomePod with same software update beta iOS 12. This functionality will allow iPhone users to directly make phone calls from the speaker device. As of now, users need to dial a number from their phone and then connect the call to the audio output device such as a speaker to hear what person from the other side say.

Users will get the benefit of this feature once the company introduces iOS 12 update in the iPhones coming September. Calendar support is another feature Apple talks about. Further OS updates include fourth icon introduction in personal requests setup User Interface for a smartphone app, and text descriptions while making any phone calls.