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Apple Patent Shows Company Developing All-Glass iPhone With Touch-Sensitive On All Six Sides


Tech giant Apple is the leader in the global smartphone market. Its consistent excellence has helped the company to gain a handsome number of customers worldwide. The company offers innovative features every time it launches a new iPhone. The company is believed to be working an all-glass iPhone. The new handset will boast a wraparound touch screen. The US Patent No 20200057525 revealed that the device will comprise a six-sided glass enclosure. The patent is titled Electronic Device with Glass Enclosure. It will display icons and images on any surface. The entire device will be touch-sensitive. The patent explained the entire enclosure of the iPhone may be formed a single piece of glass.

The patent also has a sketch of the device. It shows the curved edges of the device from all sides. The sketch also illustrates some information on the surface. It means the device will have a wraparound display. It also shows the wallpaper stretched to the sides along with some information at the bottom. Since the device will have glass on all sides, Apple will have the option to add more features on more sides. The company will probably use the front side as the main display. If Apple’s patent gets materialized, it will mark a departure from the conventional front touchscreen design. Also, users may not have to hold the iPhone vertically for FaceID.

Notably, the company has said nothing officially about an all-glass iPhone yet. The patent follows one similar patent filed in November 2019. The latest one is believed to have a different design than the previous one. Meanwhile, the latest patent claimed the new iPhone could be better than foldable handsets. Apple files many patents every year. The latest patent comes at a time when foldable phones are in the latest trend. Late last year, it was reported that Apple was actively developing the technology for folding devices. Reports even claimed a folding iPhone was in the works but the company will launch a folding iPad first and then an iPhone. Also, there have been many patents for foldable devices by the Cupertino-based tech giant.