Home Tech News Apple Takeovers Akonia Holographics, a manufacturer of augmented reality waveguide lens

Apple Takeovers Akonia Holographics, a manufacturer of augmented reality waveguide lens


Apple, an American multinational company who designs and delivers various consumer products, software, and online services will increase its business soon.  According to the latest rumors, it has purchased a Denver-based startup company Akonia Holographics.

Apple Takeovers Akonia Holographics:-

Akonia Holographics is the prime manufacturer of augmented reality waveguide lens.  One of the spokespeople of Apple says, “Apple keeps on purchasing small setups regularly, but we are least interested in disclosing our plans and strategies.”

Apple will invest its own resources into the Akonia Holographics technologies to bring in a lightweight augmented reality headset. The tech giant has been releasing various updates about rolling out such technologies over years and years and now it’s time to make it actually happen.

Last year in 2017, Apple attained a mixed reality headsets company, Vrvana.  They offered devices with augmented reality that gave a conventional opaque display effect.  Today’s augmented reality headsets remain incomplete without the combination of waveguide displays and optical technology.

All the waveguide displays come in different flavors.  Each flavor involves an image being beamed into the piece of glass bouncing between engravings in a lens and ultimately grinning that image to the user’s eyes.

Different companies such as Microsoft and Magic Leap are intricated in making waveguide lenses using augmented reality headsets. Akonia uses a HoloMirror solution that can display full-color, vibrant and wide field-of-view images.

Many of the Apple’s rival companies have designed augmented reality headsets but the tech giant wants to develop mobile-based augmented reality technologies that help in tracking the geometry of spaces that projects digital objects onto surfaces.

Spectators are still confused whether Apple will serve something similar to high-powered devices of Magic Leap that tracks user’s environment or something that is more conservative such as presenting user’s notifications and light interactions.

Apple has both the options on which it could work flawlessly. But, most probably it will go with the second one and release it sometime later.