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Apple Watch Series 4 Specifications: Its Feature, Design, Style, and Added functionalities


Apple Watch Series 4 Specifications: The current gossiping about Apple Watch Series 4 is going endlessly.  Apple revealed its next plans and devices of 2018. Apple Watch Series 4 will come with an entirely new design, bundle of features, functionalities, and startling outer design.

The display size of this device will be larger than previous, while the introduction of electrical heart sensor will measure the majority of health metrics such as blood pressure, heartbeat count etc. Previous Apple Watch Series 3 lacked all these additional toppings.  You still need an iPhone for data connectivity and making calls.

Through, this 4th series Apple is progressing over the previous model.  The latest device will have a curved rectangle shape, which will be larger, lighter, and slimmer than before with a variety of features added in.

Here is What You Need to Know About Apple Watch Series 4 Specifications:

Display and design:

Apple Watch Series 4 will come in two different sizes – 40mm and 44mm with 30 percent greater display size.  On the larger display screen, users can see more graphics and detailed information about heart rate, daily exercise score, and many more.  It comes in three different and unique colors – Gold, space grey, and silver. The newer will consists of all the specifications of previous models.  The speaker is 50 percent louder with a microphone located at another end of the device away from the users. The back end of the watch is made up of sapphire crystal and black ceramic for improved call reception.

Battery Life and other specifications:

Apple Watch Series 4 sports 64-bit dual-core processor chip that works two times faster than the previous model. It consists of gyroscope and accelerometer having two times more dynamic range that lets transferring of data eight times faster.  Once charged, the battery will work for continuous 18 hours. The GPS positioned will be useful for long distance bike rides.

Special health features and software:

It runs on the new WatchOS 5 operating system.  It contains dozen of health features, walkie-talkie, impact acceleration, and wrist trajectory. The SOS feature allows users to send a message or call to the emergency contacts.  It also consists of an optical heart rate sensor to calculate calories burned per day, resting heart rate, and much more. You can also see heart rhythm on the large screen provided similar to ECG.

Availability and Cost:

An initial price of the device is $399 while the cost of its cellular model will be $499.  The device has already been rolled out in the US from September 21. It will be later distributed to the other countries quite soon.

Speaker and Mic:

The device features louder speaker thus making it easier for you to handle important calls quickly.  The possibility of echo and interference will be eliminated in Apple Watch series 4 as it has moved the mic to the other side of the device away from the user.  It will surely benefit you with efficient audio relaying capabilities.