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Apple will prefer using Intel Modems instead of Qualcomm in 2018

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According to George Davis, the chief financial officer of Qualcomm; Apple will soon go for Intel modems this year and quit Qualcomm products. The long dispute between Apple and Qualcomm has resulted into this scenario.

The taken step might slow down the functioning of iPhones. It will actually be even slower than all the Android smartphones. Qualcomm, one of the major suppliers of 4G chips for smartphones has refused to provide any of the services to iPhones.

Davis added, “Apple will moreover prefer using modems from our competitors rather purchasing it from us.” The quarrel might end up this year itself. Apple may take up Qualcomm services and modems in near future.

Apple has been with Qualcomm and Intel for a long period of time. Though Qualcomm provides the fastest cellular modems to the company, the tech giant declines to work with them; not forever but for some time period. We aren’t sure if Apple will go for Intel modem solely but that’s the only option left for the company.

Qualcomm and Apple are facing disputes allied to the cost Qualcomm has put on the company for supplying hardware components and all the exclusive rights. Last year in 2017, Apple prosecuted Qualcomm for charging higher rated LTE modems.

Head of Qualcomm’s chip business said, “This is a huge industry. If further opportunity perseveres, we will once again be a prime supplier of modems to Apple.” Today, more than half of the Apple devices those working on T-Mobile and AT&T networks use 4G chips manufactured by Intel.

Moving from two suppliers to one will definitely have a greater impact on its sale and revenue. iPhones may incur lower demand this year. Hence, you might need to wait longer to get the latest iPhone devices in your hands. After conduction of speed test by Ookla, the global leader for speed test justified that Qualcomm based smartphones were more capable of providing faster network as compared to Intel.
The network speed for Qualcomm was 53 percent faster on T-Mobile as compared to Intel and 40 percent more on AT&T. Moreover, Apple is trying to lower down Intel’s business in terms of Wi-Fi mobile chips, Bluetooth and MacBook processors. There is no such news about Apple to harm its relationship with Intel.

On the other hand, Qualcomm has promised to ship 5G modems for mobile hotspots and later for smartphones this year. Intel seems to make it next year. Apple may give business to MediaTek as well. It might think to repair its relationship with Qualcomm if it genuinely wants to bring excellent 5G internet service to its smartphones.