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Apple’s App Store Managed To Earn More Money Than Google Play

Apple’s App Store Managed To Earn More Money Than Google Play

When it comes to tech giant companies, Apple and Google, they have successfully managed to earn billions of dollars of revenues. Still, the great rivalry between these tech companies has always fascinated tech enthusiasts. Now recent earnings report, which is released by Apple shows that the App store managed to earn more than 80% of revenue as compared to Google Play. The report shows Apple Store successfully received more than $25.5 billion of revenues as compared to Google Play, which managed to earn only $14.2 billion.

First time installs for Apple decreased by 1.4%, and the primary reason behind it is an ongoing trade war situation with China, which is affecting the company’s new user base. However, Apple managed to see that app store download increased by 3% in the second quarter of 2019. Google Play, on the other hand, might have earned less amount of revenue as compared to the App Store, their percentage of income has increased significantly. In the last year, Google Play managed to increase its revenue by 19.6%. Google Play installs also increased by 16.4% with a total of more than 41.9 billion installs.

Google Play Store has 2.8 times of installs as compared to the Apple store, but even if the volume of downloads is high, Google Playstore is still earning less than fifty percent of App store. The report shows that users buying capacity in apps has increased from last year because all combined users from iOs and Android platform have spent more than $39.7 billion on app purchases. Among all those categories, gaming section has brought the most number of revenue for both companies. Games have earned more than $29.6 billion across both stores, which shows that people like to play games on smartphones.