Home Tech News Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Said He Is Bullish About Global Economy

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Said He Is Bullish About Global Economy

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Said He Is Bullish About Global Economy

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook while addressing a group of people at Economic forum held in Beijing said that he is extremely bullish about global economy. Tim said that innovation in technology and other field are taking places at a faster rate due to which he is extremely positive about global economics. He further said China should open up about businesses and give opportunities to US-based technology companies amid this trade war. Apple Inc. is facing many criticisms from last few days because the tech giant company hasn’t been performed up to its capacity and now experts are anxious about its future.

But, Tim Cook answered these questions and said that Apple does not concern about short term results; it only focuses on long terms goals only. Tim thinks the long term economy is excellent plus there’s no need to worry about today’s unfortunate situation. Currently, every big financial organization including IMF is predicting that the world economy is on the verge of recession because it’s growing at a plodding pace. Problems like trade war between US-China are increasing global issues which is negatively impacting on many international businesses.

Tim said that when he travels around the world, he sees innovation in technology and other fields which makes him believe that world is going in right direction. In this economic forum, there are many financial leaders presents, and this statement of Tim Cook’s shows many aspects. US officials are soon going to meet with Chinese officials in Beijing over trade war issues. Tim Cook is indirectly trying to become a bridge between US-China and trying to end this ongoing controversial trade war. iPhone’s sales have become a significant problem for Apple because the company is not managing to make enough amount of sales. Now even after such low-performance, Tim is optimistic about future.