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Apple’s iOS 11.4.1 version issues the capability of blocking passcode cracking tools with USB restricted mode

iPhone update to iOS 11.4 brought battery drain problems, the report claims

Recently, Apple rolled out a small software update iOS 11.4.1 for most of the Apple devices. This software update not only fixes the bug, but also secures your account from being hacked by the intruders.

It’s available for all iOS smartphones such as iPhone 5S and later, the iPad mini 2 and later, iPad Air and later and 2015 iPod touch. The new software update blocks passcode cracking tools that come in USB restricted mode. This tool reduces the iPhone inaccessibility by the third-party software once the screen gets locked after an hour or two.

The third-party developers cannot access the phone using this passcode cracking tools such as Graykey. The new update performs the following functions:
• Users cannot view your last location on your AirPods using Find My iPhone.
• It improves the reliability of contacts, syncing email, and notes with exchange accounts.

ElcomSoft cyber security team has found an escape that resets your iPhone with the USB connected irrespective of your phone ever being connected to any of the USB devices. After performing several trial and error tests the team has confirmed that USB restricted mode can work flawlessly using reboots and we can restore software or data via recovery mode.

In short, iPhone gets reset to USB restricted mode countdown timer once it gets connected to unknown third-party USB accessory independent of getting connected with an iPhone previously. Along with USB, ElcomSoft is marching towards testing other adapters and inexpensive third-party connectivity.

HomePod includes improvement in quality and stability of the device while watchOS updates include improvements in system and bug fixes. On the other hand, the tvOS update was released to make sure it’s more secure, enhanced, and bug-free.

Oleg Afonin of Elcom concludes by saying, “The seizing and transportation of iPhone device might change after iOS 11.4.1 update release. Previously, the shipping was done by interleaving the device in a Faraday bag and linking it with a battery bag. This was comparatively easier to transport it to a laboratory.”

The latest update might be the last one for iOS 11 version. iOS 12 will be the succeeding update, which is expected to flash next summer of the year 2019. It’s going to be the next major release of 2019.