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Canon EOS M50 4K enabled mirrorless camera is here


Canon has launched its latest EOD M50 4K enabled mirrorless camera. This latest camera is enabled 4K mode and comes packed with a DIGIC 8 picture processor. With this camera, Canon looks to target the Insta generation.

Canon has launched this camera keeping in mind the Indian market. DIGIC 8 image processor is the powerhouse of the EOS M50 mirrorless camera. The camera comes with the ability to shoot movies in 4K quality. The camera gives users with the option to shoot ultra-high definition videos even in low to mid light conditions. Users can use great pictures in any light thanks to the dual pixel CMOS AF feature.

Among loads of features on the EOS M50 camera there is the touch and drag AF (autofocus). Users can use the touch panel to select an AF frame. The 2.36 million dots EVF (electronic viewfinder) gives a fine view of the objects in front. As per Canon, the EOS M50 is light-weight and portable which can be carried anywhere. To give the best images, the camera comes with wide array of changeable lenses. Canon claims that images captured through EOS M50 with 4K have four times the resolution and HD focus.

Users can store the images as still photos and then extract high-resolution images. Thanks to the 4K Frame Grab Function, users can even capture time-lapse photos. Users often face shakiness while using cameras. But to ease this out, Canon has reduced the shake or vibrations on EOS M50. Users can take pictures even while moving without any shakes. The in-built fives-axis feature enables users to shoot high frame HD 120p videos even in slow motion.

The DIGIC 7 image processor and 24.1MP APS-C sized CMOS sensor gives a good image in low-light conditions. The camera reduces noise in pictures even if you shoot in dim lights. The camera also has a silent mode which means that shutter sound is not there. The dual pixel CMOS AF sensor allows you to capture a larger area. The EOS M50 has Bluetooth, WiFi, and NFC for sharing images instantly. In addition to this Canon has also launched its own Canon Camera app. This application is available for iOS and Android and users can share images.