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China confirms the successful landing of Chang’e 4 Probe on the Dark side of Moon


China has now become the first country on this planet to land on the far side of the moon in the first attempt. The Chinese state media and the space agency has announced that the spacecraft has landed successfully on the other side of the moon, which we don’t see from the earth. The lunar explorer Chang’e 4 was launched in early December to explore the unknown part of the earth’s satellite and the space agency of the country has achieved it. The Chinese television media announced that the probe Chang’e 4 landed perfectly on the other side of the mood on 10.24 am local Beijing time.

After a successful landing, the space probe sent the photo of the barren surface and the crate in which it was landed back to the receiving stations on the earth. With this mission, China has become the first country to attempt and land the space probe on the other side which the humans have never seen from the earth. Mr. Zhu Menghua, who worked on this mission with the Chinese space agency said that this success with Chang’e 4 is the significant milestone for the country and it will establish them as the pioneer in the space industry.

The other side of the moon is not illuminated at all as it faces away from the Sun and also the earth. The space probe flashed the light on the surface after a successful landing and then captured a photograph to send back on earth. The country has already attempted a landing in 2013, with the Chang’e 3 rovers on the visible side and it was successful. Currently, a small buggy on the Chang’e 4 is exploring the dark side of the moon. The buggy will capture the images of the surface and examine the contents on the moon.