China Revealed Its Position On Ongoing Trade War With US

    China Revealed Its Position On Ongoing Trade War With US
    China Revealed Its Position On Ongoing Trade War With US

    The trade war is negatively affecting on both countries economy but still to prove each other’s dominance China and USA are continuing this trade war. So far, the report shows that extreme damage has been done to China’s economy. Manufacturing, retail, and other vital sectors of this country have damaged by the US in this trade war. Huawei, which is one of the largest tech companies in China, has got banned in USA, which has negatively impacted on company’s revenue and profit margin. Now it’s been predicted t that Chinese officials are ready to have another meeting with trump administration to end this trade war.

    We all know nothing has come out out of this trade war since it has begun at least for China. Chinese officials recently took a press conference in which they have said that they are trying to create a list of a blacklist of US companies which are going to term unreliable. China revealed that the failing of trade talks happened because of trump administrations. The way Trump has dominated Chinese companies in this trade war shows there’s coercion on China from the dominant US government.

    China said the US government keeps changing its demands because of which China is not able to sign any deal. Trump administration revealed that the US is going to levy more than 25% taxes on Chinese goods and services which have shortened the growth of Chinese exports. China thinks they have got dominated by trump under this trade war, and the treatment which they have received is not fair. Chinese firms which are dependent on the US market are now out of business. Even if China is also trying to do the same, it’s not going to affect that on US economy, which is much larger and more significant than China. After looking at the current situation, chances of trade talks between these two countries are equal to zero.

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