Home Business Climatic conditions hampering French fry’s production in the US

Climatic conditions hampering French fry’s production in the US

climatic conditions hampering french fry’s production in the us

The US might witness a supply crush of French fries due to a shortage of potato crops caused by poor weather conditions reported by Bloomberg on the 2nd of December 2019. Producers of potato said to news channels that they are trying to purchase potatoes from different countries. According to the Agriculture Department of the US, potato crop production is lowest since 2010. In November 2019, frost climatic conditions hit potato farms in some parts in the US, such as Idaho, North America, Manitoba, North Dakota, Minnesota. Owing to drastic climatic changes, farmers start losing their crops in the US.

In 2019, the demand for French fries is increasing rapidly. Hence suppliers are not able to meet the demand. About 18 percent of the land in Manitoba were unharvested due to the weather condition, and 6.5 percent of Alberta crops got damaged. The US is facing a shortage of potatoes issues because Manitoba and Alberta are the second- and third-largest producers of potatoes. In Canada, it witnessed that the demand for potato is increasing at a relatively higher pace. Due to the fries’ process, capacity is overgrowing.

According to a study conducted by Mr. Kevin MacIsaac, general manager of the United Potato Growers of Canada, gave some expectation to all French fries’ lovers that they will find some mashed potatoes. Mr. Travis Blacker said that French fry demand is increasing at a higher rate, so suppliers are not able to meet the demand among populations. Potato processors in the U.S have turned to foreign producers to help make up the loss. On the other hand, Other companies, such as Cavendish Farms, said to Bloomberg, as per their research, they don’t think there will be a shortage of potato crops, as East Coast products will make a difference in the production of potato crops.


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