Home Tech Auto Elon Musk Shares More Specs and Details of Performance Model 3

Elon Musk Shares More Specs and Details of Performance Model 3

Elon Musk Shares More Specs and Details of Performance Model 3

Tesla already has an impressive number of vehicles on the road, and the company is all set to start shipping a few more in some time. At this point, Elon Musk has shared more details about the performance-oriented version of Tesla Model 3. The vehicle is supposed to be the best in its class, according to Musk. The CEO also shared some more specifications of the vehicle, such as the zero to 60 time. According to Musk’s words, the performance Model 3 needs only 3.5 seconds to reach 60mph from 0, which is great. It also packs the top speed of 155mph.

The renewed Model 3 is going to compete with a few vehicles from BWM. In his public tweet, Elon Musk did add that the vehicle is going to be quicker and better than BMW. The counterpart from BMW also has a price tag similar to that of new Tesla. Regarding the pricing, Tesla Model 3 with these updates would cost around $78000, but the Autopilot feature should be added and paid for extra. Other notable details in the upgrade include a black-and-white interior, carbon-fiber spoilers and those 20-inch wheels, apart from the dual-motor system.

Regarding Dual Motor system, Tesla has added this feature for better performance and power. While it can dramatically improve the overall performance of the vehicle, another deal is reliability as well. Even if one of the two motors are at failure, the customer can keep driving using the other motor. This would make the vehicle more reliable it seems. Apart from this fully-fledged upgrade, there are some compact ones available as well. For instance, a user can purchase just the dual-motor setup and all-wheel-drive system by paying an amount of $5000. Despite the specifications and variants, however, the real question is whether Tesla can meet up with the manufacturer frequency demands.