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Facebook and Instagram plans to announce time-management tools for the two


People today spent the majority of their time on social networking sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. This addiction has caused wastage of their precious time. Have you ever wondered how much time you spent on it? You might think just an hour or a two per day but that’s actually more than what you think.

To have a control over the time user waste on Facebook and Instagram, the company plans to release time management tools. Both the social media are owned by Facebook. The new feature will allow users to analyze the time they spent on social networking sites.

The company posted a blog saying, “We want to analyze the time user spent on Facebook and Instagram and obviously the results should be positive, inspiring, and intentional.”

After a research study conducted by doctors and scientists, they revealed the relationship of Facebook, Instagram or any other social networking site with Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, depression, and anxiety. Their main motivation behind rolling out this feature is to quash all the negative impacts they cause to the society.

When users open Facebook or Instagram they feel relaxed and happy but at the same time they should track the time they spent on the both. Facebook has presented several tools that limit the notifications you receive and introduced a dashboard that allows you to measure the time you spend on these platforms. You can turn off or mute the notification alerts for 15 minutes to eight hours if you are least interested in receiving them.

It has also introduced a daily reminder that notifies users once they reach the time limit they have already set for using the application. For example: If users set the time slot of an hour and start using the app, they will get a reminding message once the time limit expires.

The company will roll out these features very soon. Once they are available, users need to update their app to the latest version. Further, they need to open the home page, click on the settings option. In Instagram, settings are denoted by gear icon while on Facebook you can find them in settings section itself.

The tool will be called as “Your Activity” on Instagram whereas on Facebook it will be “Your Time on Facebook” that displays the time you spend on browsing the timelines, posting the photos, and chatting with friends every day.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook said, “We announced the feature long back in 2017 when we came across the accusations done by the community after expending measurable time on social networking sites. This year we are focusing to make Facebook not just a matter of fun but also look after an individual’s well-being.”