Home Tech News Facebook hires a new head of chip development for its further progress

Facebook hires a new head of chip development for its further progress

Facebook hires a new head of chip development for its further progress

Google has lost a gem to another tech company. It had been hiring chip designs of Apple to make better and its own processors. But, Facebook recently hired Shahriar Rabii, group leader of big G’s devices chip manufacturer, which has caused a greater harm to Google technological novelties.

Rabii has also headed Pixel Visual Core, the custom imaging chip manufacturer that lets third-party applications such as WhatsApp and Instagram to click HDR quality pictures. He was part of Google for around seven years and will be announced as a Vice President and head of Silicon group at Facebook.

Facebook tried to make own chips rather than depending on other chipmakers such as Qualcomm and Intel. Apple has been supplying its own chips and main processors for iPhones and iPads since 2010. It has also shaped an array of custom chips for clicking HD pictures, controlling Bluetooth, and conducting machine learning tasks. While Google, on the other hand, plans to develop its own artificial intelligence software.

The Menlo Park, a company based in California worked on semiconductors so as to process information for its global data centers and artificial intelligence. Andrew Bosworth, head of augmented reality and virtual reality will be giving training to Rabii for few days till he gets familiar with the procedures and practices of the company.

To be present in the competitive market, Facebook can use AI-based chips to control different hardware devices such as virtual reality headsets, smart speakers, data center servers, and artificial intelligence software. Starting this year, it launched Oculus Go standalone virtual reality headset integral with Qualcomm smartphone chip.

Improvement in the productivity of these hardware devices in the future can be done by manufacturing own processors and custom chipsets. It has a better judgment to keep its software and hardware devices together. Its further rollout includes a tablet for making video calls and smart speaker similar to Echo/Home.

Rabii previously worked on core technologies such as wireless systems, power systems, sensors, imaging, displays, batteries, audio devices, and development of particular hardware products such as Google Home, smartphones, laptops, augmented reality, virtual reality, and nest.

Facebook till now worked on artificial intelligence to understand the user content and their feelings they post on social media. This allows the company to immediately take off violent posts, delete fake accounts, and inappropriate videos from the timelines. But, still, none of the social media providers are able to recognize and abolish them completely from the sites.