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Facebook is about to launch a new feature that keeps you in touch with the strangers

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Facebook, the social networking giant is testing a new innovative feature that can keep you connected with a person you are unfamiliar with.  It can show up your cohesion with any random person whether he is your neighbor, from same or different class or university.

The company has named this feature as “things in common” that keeps you updated and connected with unknown personalities who have commented on your post or photo.  The tool is currently rolled out for some of the Facebook users in the United States, which exhibits information about a user that has some common things with you.

For example, if you like or read any comments on a public page, Facebook will highpoint some of the profiles that are not in your friend list but are common with you.  In your Facebook profile, below your name, you will find a label that says “You both are from same city or country” or “You both are from Washington DC or hail from Washington DC.”

It also highpoints with people who are your neighbors, in common groups, same organization or university.  This will not harm your privacy at all, says the tech giant.  Everything this feature does with your profile will be a public post, which means, it is already visible to all the public users visiting your profile.

According to the report, “This feature will let users connect with each other.” “We are adding ‘things in common’ feature that will appear in your public post clearly visible to all the users over the world.  These people will be total strangers for you, but will have certain things in common.”

No private posts or photos will be harmed at any cost.  According to the report generated by Apptopia, “Over the last three months, over 1.5 billion users spent over 85 billion hours on WhatsApp or around 11 hours per day.”