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Facebook is Testing A New Feature To Make It Like Reddit


Hate it or love it. There is a possibility of the social network giant, Facebook being adding downvoting to the website which is definitely the opposite of liking for the posts and comments on its network that has tickled the fancy of several users. But yes, it can be awesome for those people who desire to get rid of pesky fake news posts however it can also be used to troll and could turn the social media platform into something which is quite similar to Reddit.

These rumours aren’t completely groundless: In the initial days of this year, the Menlo Park, California-based Facebook has tested the feature for a specific small group of people that now appears to be rolling out to a huge number of users, mainly in New Zealand and Australia.

The latest features come with a significant caveat as it seems people aren’t able to downvote or in simple words dislike the Facebook posts but only comments.

Facebook users are already empowered to react with various emoji through posts and comments including happy, angry, and sad with some other emotions. But downvoting is a new step where you can learn how many people have downvoted any particular content or post.

This latest feature was first noticed by the co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian who told that he was flattered and calls it the sincerest form of flattery.

On the American social networking website, Reddit this feature of the vote, up or down is significantly valuable part of their service as they let their users democratically select what posts and comments they like and dislike. However, the Reddit is something different from Facebook as primarily the Reddit is about news and stories while the Facebook is all about co-workers and family thus this new feature to downvote can bring different impact.

The Facebook Company denied the fact of testing the dislike button and explained that they are just exploring a fresh feature for users to give them better feedback about comments on their public page posts.