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Facebook Kid’s Messenger App Broke Privacy Policies


When it comes to privacy, Facebook is that company which has got lots of backlashes for not providing it. Facebook Kid’s messenger app, which is used by small children, has brought a new issue for parents. The app which was supposed to block an unauthorized person in this messenger has done the reverse of it. In a report, it’s been found that Facebook Kid’s Messenger has allowed them to chat with any other unauthorized person in a group chat.

Parents usually don’t give access to actual Facebook Messenger to small children, and that’s why small children aged below 14 uses Kid’s messenger. In this messenger, children can not chat with others unless it’s been approved by their parents. However, in a recent discovery, it’s been found that children can talk to strangers through a group chat. Kid’s messenger was supposed to protect kids from talking to any unauthorized people, but it’s doing the opposite of it, which is a shocking thing for many parents. Now to deal with that problem, Facebook is closing group chat options and informing people about it. There are numerous times where Facebook’s weak privacy policies have found by people.

Data privacy issues are increasing every day with Facebook, which even after putting so much effort is not able to do anything for good. Facebook, in its official statement, said that they had notified a group of parents about this small technical error. It’s been said that this error has caused a problem to a group of parents. Facebook has taken actions to turn off the chats, and they have notified about it too to the parents. Now everyone is questioning about how much period this problem was there?. Some experts are saying that it could from its inception, which raises more concerns over Facebook’s data privacy issues. The tech has got lots of backlashes for not providing adequate data privacy to its users.