Facebook Renovates its Messenger App and Makes it even Simpler to Use

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    Facebook noticed a number of user complaints about its messenger app. After an upgrade, it became difficult for the users to adopt its complicated user interface. Hence, the tech firm started working on it immediately and are up with a very simple and opulent design.

    Facebook Renovates its Messenger App:

    In the previous update, the company added nine tabs at the bottom which confused a number of users. The current version of the app has reduced the number to three. It will now contain only chats, people, and Discover section.

    • Chats tab will allow users to start a one-to-one conversation with their family and friends. It also provides the facility to post videos, photos, and GIFs, which will be displayed at the top of the app.  However, these post will disappear within 24 hours after they have been updated.
    • People tab will display all the recent stories posted by your friends. It will also display who is currently online and available for chatting.
    • The last tab of the app is the discover section where users can have business chats, can follow a particular news or page. They can also play games, book an event scheduled around them and have a number of business connections.

    The upcoming messenger update will be called as Messenger 4.  Along with these three major changes, Facebook will also make some minor changes in the app. It will be provided with different color gradients such as pink, orange, yellow, green, and many more.  Based on their moods and sulks users can change the color of chat bubbles roving around the screen while chatting.

    Further, the tech giant plans to release “dark mode” that will help to reduce painful shimmering from the phone. The color of the messages in the conversation will change from red to blue thus giving you a colorful experience while chatting.

    Facebook messenger today has around 1.3 billion users and it’s competing with other widely-used application such as Line and WeChat very rapidly. Like other apps, it has introduced a number of trending features such as online games, video, and audio calling, mobile payments and many more. According to Facebook, around million people make audio and video calls to their friends each year.

    Though these features have served us a lot but have made the structure of the app more complicated. Navigating from one function to the other has become a bit difficult. Hence, many users are requesting to redesign its user interface and make it simpler and helpful.