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Facebook to roll out Facebook Watch feature globally in the coming weeks


Facebook announced to bring Facebook Watch Feature for all the users globally.  It is an on-demand service that the tech giant will offer.  This will be a tough combat for its rival company YouTube.  Facebook had launched this service for US community last year, but, now decided to make it available for all the other countries of the world.

Facebook Watch Feature:-

This service allows users to watch videos from different platforms such as entertainment, sports, music, and news.  These are among the suggested videos from the page they like.  It has also declared to announce all the changes and improvements it has done to the service in past one year.

If it continues to work with the same jerk, soon there will come a day when it will surely beat YouTube.  In case you are more addicted towards watching videos, the new feature will also notify you regarding how much time you have spent on the application. It also debates about how many people are using Watch every year.

Fidji Sumo, head of Facebook video says, “We are giving a common platform to the users wherein they will get to see whatever they wish to.  As the time passes, you will get to see more trending videos on Watch such as audience participation-based videos, premiers, and watch parties.” Example of participation-based videos is the trivia show confetti.

We are pretty much excited to bring this app for people all over the world and invite you to join the same for a better experience, he further added.  Moreover, it also provides an earning platform for those who post their videos on Watch using different tools, insights, and creator studio gizmo.

All the Facebook users can get access to the application via Android and iOS smartphones.  They need to see this option at the shortcuts bar or the more bookmark.  Apart from smartphones, you can also view Watch videos on Android TV, Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, Apple TV, and Oculus TV.