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Facebook users, beware! A new bug unblocks the people you already blocked


A new bug got introduced in Facebook that unblocks the profiles the user has already blocked. Facebook will soon notify its users about this tragic breakout of bug. Blocking feature allows Facebook users to block people so that they stop viewing your profile and discontinue seeing posts, videos, and photos posted. Simultaneously, it unfriends them if he was a Facebook friend previously.

Facebook says unblocked users will be able to see those contents only that are been publicly shared and not the one shared with their friends.

Erin Egan, chief privacy officer of social network says, “Blocked person can see the post that is shared publicly or with friends of friends momentarily or could even contact them or message them on messenger.” “The bug was introduced on May 29. Though the issue has been solved, still 800,000 users might be at risk till June 5, he further added. It affected more than 14 million users in the month of May.

Hence, users need to check their block lists if they doubt people are unblocked. Egan is disgraceful with the incident took place and heartily apologizes for the same. According to the statistics made, around 83 percent of the users were affected by the bug. Only one of the profiles from the blocked list was unblocked, says the Facebook.

When it comes to privacy concerns and issues, 2018 has been a depraved year for Facebook. The Cambridge Analytica scandal, which took place in March affected almost 8.7 crore users. This was other shocking news for Facebook. This scandal frayed private and sensitive data of the users that was supposedly used for Trump campaigns during the presidential poll election in 2016.

Thereafter, Facebook has been more careful, and transparent about user’s privacy issues. It keeps its users regularly updated about any confidentiality issue that might emerge and affect their privacy. Egan says, “There are number of reasons why people block another people on Facebook. It may be because their relationship has been changed or they need some break from their relation or discontinuity in someone’s post that makes them annoyed.” “Some other reasons might include bullying and harassment”, he further added.