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Fake accounts does not hurt their user metrics, says Twitter


Twitter has trapped more than 70 million fake accounts in last two months, which can directly affect the existence of monthly active users. So, does it really hurt the consumer metrics value? We might think yes, but it actually doesn’t affect the graph as these were not included in the metrics report.

Ned Segal, Chief Financial Officer of Twitter says, “We have removed the accounts that are inactive for 30 days or even more than that, and we hook them during sign in process. Later, they are never counted in the consumer metrics list.” “If we remove more than 70 million accounts from our generated metrics report then you would hear it directly from us”, he further added.

Twitter has deferred number of fake accounts this year so as reduce the blowout of wrong and fake information among people. Initially, when the company deleted all the fake accounts, Twitter shares came down by 10 per cent in a mid-day that directly declined $3.1 billion market share value. But, after Segal’s statement the news twitting and sharing intensity went up by 5.5 per cent.

According to the metrics, Twitter reported 336 million of monthly active users. The step is useful to improve the health of social news and services that we provide, Segal tweeted. The rate of account deferrals of Twitter eventually increased when the micro-blogging platform came to know about refraining activity ofRussian’s US Congress party. They created fake accounts to control the presidentialelections of 2016 reveals The Washington Post on July 6.

Now-a-days, big advertisement companies are considering more content knowledge displayed on the website alongside the ads with their photos and videos. The number of monthly active users in the first quarter was 336 million while it is estimated to rise up to 337.06 million (by 3 per cent) this quarter.

But, removing fake accounts may drop the number of monthly active users in the second quarter of the year. During the first quarter Twitter made a statement that exposes as, “Enduring information eminence efforts may have a negative impact on monthly active users in near future.” On the other hand, it’s difficult to envisage if the number of daily active users will be less exaggerated than monthly active users.