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Flu Season Is Getting Spread In Majority Of The South States

flu season is getting spread in majority of the south states

It’s flue time, and everyone should get ready to avoid it since this time, it seems like the flu season might be spreading earlier than everyone’s expectations. Reports are coming, which shows that flu season has already started in many of the Southern states. Reports from the Centers for Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) indicates that there is a high level of flu in southern states like Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina, and many others. Last year, thousands of people were hospitalized and treated at the proper time; Still, some people couldn’t be saved because of the wrong diagnosis.

However, this year’s flu season seems to be bigger than the previous ones, and people are advised to take care of themselves. CDC’s report shows the most number of patients have been reported in Mississippi. Doctors from other states are saying they are witnessing a vast amount of patients from the last few days. Many hospitals in southern states are seeing this type of situation where people are getting hospitalized continuously.

When asked how the spreading of flu can be stopped, doctors have advised those patients who are already diagnosed with cough and fever not to travel and avoid meeting people. Since meeting and visiting with people can spread the virus to other non infected people also. Many people avoid the symptoms and don’t get vaccines properly, which is the main reason why they suffer the most from the flu-related disease. Doctors said that it’s not too late to get proper treatment, and the patient should get vaccinated immediately when they found themselves diagnosed with flu. Last year many people suffered from the flu because of not getting injected at propel time, but doctors are trying their best to spread awareness about it. As of now, the CDC has reported four children to die because of the current year’s flu season.


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