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Fortnite Creator Is Planning To Launch App Store To Challenge Apple And Google


Google and Apple Inc are those tech companies which owns more than 99 percent of the app store industry. There are no significant competitors in this industry who can compete Google and Apple, but it seems like Fortnite Creator company Epic Games does not think that way. According to the recent reports, Epic Games is trying to enter into App store industry to demolish the monopoly created by big tech giant companies like Google and Apple. Fortnite is that game which got a tremendous amount of popularity in gaming and tech industry which made Epic games vast amount of profit. In 2018 More than 200 million peoples have registered on Fortnite platform through which the company managed to earn $1 billion of revenue. Epic games are now thinking to use this popularity to enter into the app store industry.

Tim Sweeney who is the founder and The CEO of Epic Games has always been criticising the app store business. Because according to Tim companies like Google and Apple does not let the app developers earn money. Tim thinks many app developers get a small percentage of profit and remaining are retained by the google or apple. He believes with the new app store this situation can be changed and Epic Games is ready to pay more than 88% of app revenues to the developers as compared to the standard rate of 70 per cent. Many app developers and tech experts always criticised the revenue sharing policy of google and apple. It seems like Epic Games has been closely watching this problem and that’s why they now have decided to enter into app store business.

The first version of Epic store has already been launched for Mac and PC users. The report says that it’s getting a good response from the user and many app developers are developing an interest to work with this company.