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Fortnite for Android To Be Available From This Summer


Ever since its launch on iOS, Fortnite fans have been waiting for the launch of the battle royale title for the Android devices as well. Even before the iOS launch, the game had got the attention of various gamers — across the globe. According to the developer blog post published by the company this morning, users won’t have to wait a lot, since Fortnite for Android will be available from this Summer. Epic game also shared some of the cool features that users can expect in the title. While there is no specific date mentioned by developer, Epic Games seems to be sure that they can pull it in Summer itself.

As of now, Fortnite is available for almost every major platform out there, except Android. Even with the big restriction on top, the company is generating a daily revenue of $1 Million from the royale game. Once it is launched for Android, the game would expand its compatibility to a whole new level. Also, the ever-growing user-base of Android is also expected to at least double the daily income of Fortnite. By this summer, every popular device will have a way of playing Fortnite, with the only exception being Nintendo Switch. In spite of the rumors, there is nothing solid to mark the development of Fortnite for Nintendo Switch.

Apart from the case of Nintendo Switch, Fortnite will be able to offer a true multi-device gaming experience. The developer post also said that the game would have awesome features like better customizable UHD, a bunch of updates for resource management and overall minimization of game size. Epic Games is looking forward to make Fortnite available for low-end and mid-end smartphones as well. The overall mobile scene, not just Android, is also getting some integral updates like voice-chat support, which will be welcomed by Fortnite fans across platforms.