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Gboard of Google Android phones will not get a floating keyboard

Custom GIF ready to set on Gboard for Android Devices

The search giant is again back with something innovative and charging features of Android phones that users will obviously appreciate. According to the latest news, Google will bring floating Gboard keyboard for all the Android smartphones. With this new feature, users can adjust the keyword on the screen according to their needs and preference.

These keyboards are already available on other devices. Hence, this is not much pleasant news Google announced, but that is really an appreciating one. That’s incredible for the ones who have not used floating Gboard previously. To enable the feature, users need to open an app that requires a keyboard.  Later, click on the left arrow of the keyboard to explore new options.

Clicking on the three dots provided will take you to the floating option. Once you enable this feature, you would be able to move the keyboard back and forth, up and down, right and left of the screen. Additionally, you can resize the keyboard size as well.

These type of keyboards are being widely used in third-party keyboard apps such as SwiftKey, and Android Police. Keyboard functions little different from the normal ones. However, it retains all the available features such as suggestions, glide typing, and emojis.

Floating keyboard for Google Gboard will come to all the Android users very soon but the company still has not announced the official arrival. Such kind of floating keyboards will be useful and favorable for those with small fingers and larger smartphone screen.  They can easily resize the keyboard without compromising on the functionality of the technology.

To resize the keyboard, just move the resizing handles back and forth with the help arrows present at the four corners. Additionally, Google has more plans for Android Gboards in which it will be fetching more language support to the device with additional exciting Halloween-themed GIF’s. But, these plans will not be executed along with the floating keyboard support.