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General Motors Reveals its First Electric Bicycles and expected to arrive next year


When peeped into the history of General Motors, the company primarily focused and manufactured car and motorcycles.  However, the car company plans to bring two electric bicycles into the picture in 2019. This product can be used as an alternative to cars.  The company has tied up with transportations such as Lyft and Uber.

What is an Electric Bicycle?

E-bike is a bicycle that works on a small battery and electric motor, which helps in pedaling.  It allows you to easily travel through flat grounds and in hilly regions as well. It can form an alternative for bikes and traditional bicycles, which require greater energy to drive.

The company is known to make a number of electric vehicles.  It announced about this electric bicycle in 2015 and never came up with any ideas.  Jennifer Cathcart, General Motor’s, e-bike marketing manager says, “We are more focused towards bringing a device as an alternative transportation source, which can be more comfortable than the other traditional bicycles.”

At the start of this year, Uber engaged with Jump, another e-bike company.  Later, added bike-sharing options to its apps. Lyft, on the other hand, tied up with a bike-share network operator, Motivate.  It majorly deals with San Francisco’s Ford-branded GoBike program and New York’s Citi Bike network.

Bike-sharing companies including MoBike, LimeBike, Spin and Ofo rent their bikes through the smartphones for many years.  According to the report generated by the National Association of City Transportation Official, US companies had more than 100,000 bikes in ride-sharing network last year.  The number was doubled than its previous year.

General Motors have not declared any details about its further plan of actions or if they will merge their bikes with bike-sharing networks.  It has not revealed its marketing and selling strategies as well, but it discloses some of the specifications of its upcoming bikes.

The first bike will be compatible while the second one will be flexible enough to fold for the sake of transportability.  Cathcart continued, “These e-bikes will be beginning of General Motor’s zero crashes, zero congestion and zero emissions goal.” Bikes would include a set of interesting and safety features such as rechargeable rear and front LEDs, and connectivity features such as maps.  “Whenever you ride an e-bike, you would get the best feeling whether your route is a flat surface or a hilly region. It works well on steep hills as well”, she further added.