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Get Set Ready for Galaxy Note 9 Launch Date; Know the Price and Specs of It

Galaxy Note 9

It’s in the air that the South-Korean conglomerate Samsung is planning an early release of its latest Galaxy Note 9, snubbing its traditional IFA launch in the month of August.

Its great news for the people who desire to get big-screened smartphones as this Note 9 is likely to pack a sizable 6.38-inch screen that is indeed bigger than the Note 8 (6.32 inch). It can be the first Sammy lead of the company to tout inbuilt on-screen fingerprint scanner. However, as per some reports, some have claimed that this tech won’t be ready to be launched for the headset’s alleged July release.

The launch date for Galaxy 9: In the previous year, Samsung officially made a debut on 23rd August for Galaxy Note 8 thus it won’t be much surprised if the company follows the similar schedule for the release of Note 9.

Though, some investor has reported that Galaxy Note 9 would be launched this year in the month of July.

Cost of Note 9: There is no such certainty or predictions about the price of the Galaxy Note 9. However, some expect that the price can start at £869 for the SIM-free headset.

Some excitement can be seen in the world of smartphone. The mobile maker company has itself confirmed the launch of its upcoming flagship Galaxy Note 9. Because the company has certified two versions of the same device with the China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (CMIIT), reported by well-known eagle-eye Dutch website (LetsGoDigital).

Just like its secretive Columbia trademarking, the company’s listings don’t offer much information other than two model numbers that are – SM N9600 and SM-N9608.

Additionally, it is supposed to have a giant smartphone battery ever fitted in any of flagship smartphones of the company. It would certainly represent an important turnaround for the Samsung, which has been tremendously traditional with the battery volumes of its lead smartphones ever since the Galaxy Note 7 disaster.

In the end, the company will bring the Note 9 with dual aperture rear cameras.

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