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Gmail Becoming Smarter Day-By-Day with Upcoming New Design and Smart Reply on Web


A search-engine giant ‘Google’ is on its way to offer major design renovation for Gmail noticed in the Early Adopter Program that is said provide a “new Gmail experience in coming weeks”. According to some online reports, Gmail is already getting its new features like native offline support, Smart Reply on Gmail web, and upgraded access to other Google applications such as Google Calendar straight from the Gmail app. Likewise, version 7.26 of the Google application also brings new features that include additional capabilities to Google Assistant and Google Home.

As per an email sent to G Suite administrators, as unveiled by 9To5Google and Android Police, features in the Early Adopter Program have been revealed. It includes a clean and redesigned look for Gmail’s desktop version, the capability to snooze emails such as inbox, and Smart Reply feature for emails on the web and mobile version back in the month of May, last year. Gmail will also get better access to Google Suit applications such as Google Calendar along with native offline support – although the latter will arrive in the month of June, this year. The native offline support will replace the Gmail Offline Chrome application.

The report gives hints about many major Chrome extensions that will carry on operating with the revised Gmail experience; though developers are advised to tread with caution before activating the fresh experience within organizations.

Google apparently replied to the queries on these upcoming features saying that they are working on some major updates to Gmail. They require some more time to compose that’s the reason they can’t share anything yet-archive this for now. They will tell when the right time would come.

Discretely, as per APK teardown, the Google application on the Android operating system (OS) is also getting definite novel features counting email capabilities on Google Home smart speakers, detached orientations for “Google Assistant for Households”, and capabilities on Assistant to make reservations and also help with Stocks preferences.