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Gmail for Android finally going to let your customize swipe action

You Can Now Choose What Swipe Gesture Should Do in Gmail's Mobile App

Now you choose your own action with customizable swipe actions with the latest Gmail for Android. Google is rolling out many updated features for past one week. If you are using Google latest version 8.5.20 on your phone. You are enabled to use, customizable swipe option efficiently. Android police confirmed that it took days or months, but the functionality is finally here and we had to wait until the latest release to see the feature.

According to the report, Gmail’s swipe gesture is one of the most customizable options in the world. Because you can now assign the left, right, achieve, delete, unread and snooze. You can change these gestures by going into general setting and then choosing “swipe options”. This brings the Gmail web mail’s ability to snooze your emails until later. Once you recomposed your swipe options, it should work across the entirety of the Gmail app.

With the latest Gmail update, you can now customize the swiping action. Earlier, Gmail only had one simple gesture and it could only perform one of the two options: Achieve, Delete. But now Google has added more custom actions to its swipe gestures.

How to install the latest version of Gmail?

In order to access this customizable swipe option, you will need to install Gmail latest version that is (8.5.20). The update is dropping out on the Google play store now, just install the latest version from here.

Once you have installed the Google latest version. For customizing swipe gestures, all you need to do is open Gmail’s general setting, here you will see the swipe actions checkbox replaced by a menu that opens into separate pages. Tap on it and you get to choose a different for each swipe option. Beside archive and delete, you will soon find snooze, move to and mark read/unread choices too.