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Gmail’s Largest Redesign Is All Set To Rock The World Of Emails


One of the most popular email services in the world is now getting a new overhaul today. Google’s Gmail is redesigned and it’s live now. A few weeks ago we saw some leaked information related to the email snoozing, destructive email feature, nudging alongside a visual design of the Google’s email service on the web. The latest design of Gmail has rolled out today though it would not be available to everyone right away. First, you’ll be invited to choose it rather than being able to turn it on yourself.

Lead Product Manager of the Gmail, Jacob Bank told that the redesign of email service was done with an objective of making users safer & more fruitful. Some features sound like the primacies of business people and the latest redesign seem like will treat all of us like Google’s business users. This sounds cool.

The protection pillar revolves around a fresh confidential mode that permits the sender to set an expiration date for some particularly sensitive emails or to cancel it completely. The Tech giant makes it work by actually not delivering the confidential message straight to the person but sending a hyperlink to the message that is in your account’s mailbox and is allowed to be accessed by a specific recipient using the Gmail account or by any other email service, https.

This way in both cases, it’s only you who is empowered to make it set for how long the other party can access the content or message. Basically, you are managing out a time-restriction access license.

IRM – Integrated rights management is one of the basic factors of business-centric features where Gmail is permitting you to prevent the recipient from copying, forwarding, downloading or printing the particular content or message. However, it’s obviously can’t stop deliberate data extraction from these types of emails but yes the company believes that there is a universal range of circumstance where users accidentally or unwittingly share some information with any wrong person.

2FA – Two-factor authentication is designed on per message that is being added in under the roof of confidential mode. You are allowed to request that the recipient validates with a password sent via text message before they open the confidential email.

The search giant – Google has grown its phishing warnings in size and prominence.

The company is touting few of the results of preventing phishing scams. Google has increased an investment in phishing protection dramatically added Bank.

Email snoozing can become a favorite feature for someone who tends to forget things. The technology company has integrated the obvious things directly into the Gmail which works perfectly with a new hover menu. It’s easy to – archive, delete, mark as a read or snooze for later – placed on each message in your inbox.

Google also goes a step further with an addition of nudging of emails that identifies the need for a time-sensitive action or response. Bank tells that they don’t nudge very often but when they do, they can actually save people from making blunders. Thus to determine which messages need your attention, the company sends you some hints and a bunch of signals like who sent you the email.