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Google Allows Third-Party Developers to Access Your Gmail Inbox

Locking Down your Google Data May Become Hard Choice

Security has always been a major concern for Google. Despite of a promising number of times, Google has failed to keep its word. The company still allows third-party developers to scan and open user’s Gmail account in case of the security investigation.

According to the report, the tech giant still lets hundreds of software developers to scan user’s Gmail inbox offering different services such as automated travel-itinerary planners, shopping price comparison and several other tools.

Last year in June, Google promised to stop such sort of scanning activity but despite that, it emerged again this summer. Gmail has around 1.4 billion users today. It’s equal to next 25 email service providers combined together. Further, the report says, “The tech giant does a little to keep a watch on developers who prepare their computers and some other employees to read user emails.”

“Our developers can access only those emails for which the users have explicitly given the permission”, Google further commented. Google reads user emails in case of emergency after signing a consent form by the users and in case of security purpose such as conducting a criminal investigation or breakout of a bug.

Developers scan user data on daily basis in search of consumers who can contribute to their strategy of money making and help them to sell their products to hedge funds, marketers and several other businesses. There are certain app developers who access other email services instead of Gmail.

Gmail rolled out some interesting features for the consumers to review their security and privacy options. Further, it released new search functionality that allows users to directly search for the information they are interested in. For example, they can directly search if they are looking to change the account password in the search tab.

Google says it allows only vetted third-party developers such as Edison Software and Return Path to access user’s email. These are some of Google’s trusted third-party app developers company. To date, users have not found any misuse of data by the third-party developers but they doubt if any unknown users can access the personal data or any official data that can lead to uncertain worries. The tech giant hasn’t commented anything on this issue yet.