Home Technology Google Announced Acquisition of Code-Less App Development Platform: AppSheet

Google Announced Acquisition of Code-Less App Development Platform: AppSheet

Google Announced Acquisition of Code-Less App Development Platform: AppSheet

Today Google has announced the acquisition of AppSheet, a platform to build codeless mobile applications. Reportedly, the company has brought up over $17 million on an assessment of $60 million. Through the acquisition, Google will get an easy mean for companies to develop mobile apps without even scripting a line. AppSheet functions by retrieving records from a database, or a form, or a spreadsheet, or dataset. To develop an app, it relies on column names or field.  Currently, the app-developing-platform already has a tie-up with Google Cloud as well as Google Forms and Google Sheets. Apart from this, it also functions with other tools, like Salesforce, Box, AWS DynamoDB, Office 365, etc.

Meanwhile, Google says it will carry on to support the platforms mentioned above. Thus the AppSheet team will join Google Cloud and continue to offer existing services. Even more, it will also support new as well as current users. While announcing the acquisition deal, Amit Zavery said it is about offering a chance to everyone for developing mobile applications. Also, companies that do not have conventional developer means can create a mobile presence. Amit noted the deal would assist businesses to strengthen hundreds of thousands of citizen developers to easily extend and develop applications without having a proficient coding ability.

Even more, the procurement will enable customers to build rich apps at large scale that will use the famous Google Forms and Sheets. It will also comprise of top Google technologies like Maps, Android, and Google Analytics. Amit added users of AppSheet could continue to incorporate with various cloud-based data sources. On the other hand, Praveen Sheshadri, AppSheet’s CEO, noted current AppSheet services would not shove off in the near future. He also stresses that they will ultimately move to Google Cloud. After joining Google Cloud, AppSheet’s team will focus on the integrations with cloud-based data sources like Box, iOS, Dropbox, Salesforce, etc. Besides this, they will look after the development and maintenance of databases hosted over other clouds.