Home Tech News Google Assistant frees you from Ok & Hwy to Everyday Query

Google Assistant frees you from Ok & Hwy to Everyday Query

Google Assistant frees you from Ok & Hwy to Everyday Query

Google; the dominant search giant in the Internet world is finally bringing the Continued Conversation feature to its platform-Artificial Intelligence (AI) based voice assistant, known as the “Google Assistant”. Starting from today this will become functional on Google Home Max, Google Home Mini, according to a blog-post of Google. Currently this feature will only be sold out in the United Sates, but is also expected to spread to other countries soon enough.

So, ultimately one will no more need to call out Google Assistant by addressing with name every time when they want to throw a command. As words given at the I/O Google 218 Conference, Google has come up with the Continued Conversation of Assistant available for the English speakers of US using a “Home-Speaker”. This new feature lets one talk to the Goggle Assistant by omitting the requirement of “hey Google”, prior any follow-up question. One thing to note here is that this feature of Continued Conversation probably means that the microphone of the device would reopen after every response made to listen for any follow-up questions. Thus one can now enjoy any random conversation with their Assistant device. Just one needs to enable it in the preferences and can be free from “Ok Google”, or “Hey Google” follow-ups despite having several requests.

Anyhow Google explains that one still needs to activate the Assistant device with “Hey Google”, and “Ok Google”, or with the help of physical trigger. But turning on this latest optional setting, the Assistant stays active for quite a long time for following up questions. Thus, setting free from ‘Hey Google” command frequently. To end the conversation users need to say “stop” or “thank you”. The conversation even ends automatically after detecting that the user is no longer talking to it to a stretch of over 8 seconds. It stays active till it finds the user is interacting with it. However this doesn’t include the several hyped actions of Google. A “no” word is also out there when other languages work with the Continued Conversation, and this might be welcoming.