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Google Camera now comes with Motion Tracking, Google Lens, Photobooth, and many more


The tech giant has released set of astounding features including Photobooth, Google Lens, Night Sight, motion tracking autofocus, Super Res Zoom, and many more.  Among all these features, Night Sight Feature is the only one that will be rolling out for older Pixel devices.  While the other features will be released for all the older, current, and upcoming Pixel smartphones.

The company also adds Portrait Mode to the older pixel devices while Pixel XL model gets an updated version of motion tracking focus, Photobooth, real-time, Google Lens suggestion, and much more.  Let’s talk in brief about the features Google will be releasing.

Motion tracking autofocus:  This feature allows you to track the object that you select in the viewfinder and also highlights that object in focus.  In case the object moves from its position, still, the focus will highlight the phone’s autofocus.

Photobooth:  Photobooth identifies the moment you or other subjects are targeted happy or sad and immediately captures it after detection.

Night Sight Mode:  This feature improves the quality of images captured in low light.  It illuminates images at night and lets users capture brighter images in the dark as well.

Google Lens:  Google lens is basically used to recognize the image.  It brings relevant information together with the help of visual analysis.

Along with the above features, Google has also introduced a number of other craved features such as FPS switcher that lets your smartphone to decide whether to record a video of 1080p in 60 frames per second or 30 frames per second.

HEVC/h.265 toggle is another feature included in Google Pixel smartphones.  Google developers are still not sure if Super Res Zoom feature will actually work in future.  They have not done any authentic trials for this feature.  Google has also developed HDR and HDR+ for all the Pixel devices.

The new devices also consist of portrait mode for the older and newer devices, but work well only for human faces.  Few days before, Google released one of the best camera port 6.1 that brought both Night Sight and Live Google Lens to OnePlus 6.  Users can start using the newer version of Google Camera Port by downloading and updating the apk file from Google Play Store.