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Google desires to change the page layout of Google Assistant Settings, currently in the testing phase


The Google app is the set of different applications including Google Feed, Google Assistant, Google Podcasts, Google Lens, Google Search, and many more.  Among these, Google has decided to modify the page layout of Google Assistant settings.  The company has already begun with testing of this page.

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant that works on the principle of artificial intelligence.  It is specially designed for mobile applications and smart home devices.

The search giant has added several other features in the settings page making it difficult for users to spot what they are actually hunting for.  Hence, there was a need to modify it completely and develop a new web page, which makes a user’s search easier and comfortable.

The page is currently under testing phase and available on the beta version of the Google App.  The current layout of the page differentiates various subsections with a header.  Moreover, the increased number of entries have made it time-consuming for the users to scroll down the page to look for additional options.

On the other hand, the new page layout splits all the subsections with the help of different tabs.  Users can control all the subsections just by swiping left or right.  Google has not changed the place of previous settings options, but for new setting options, they need to look under the home page.

Now, if you tap on those new settings you would get an error message or else your app will crash.  For the trial purpose, users can download the latest beta version of Google Assistant by signing up the beta program and later downloading it from the Google Play Store.

Otherwise, you can directly download the apk file from APKMonitor.  The tech giant plans to roll out this web page very soon.  We just need to wait and watch till we get to hear about an official and stable release of the app.