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Google Files Go’s Newer Version Gets Faster Sharing, Built-in Media Player and Advanced Browsing Option


Google Files Go was announced to make browsing files, storage cleaning, identifying large files, and de-cluttering the device in Android smartphones easier. Additionally, it helps you to delete spam, duplicate files, and images from the system thereby freeing up the storage space. Though the application had a prominent position in the Google play store, it had some minor drawbacks. Not having a built-in system was the major drawback of the application.

Google Files Go

The search giant later realized the criticality of this drawback and certainly decided to eliminate it in its next software update. The company has already released the latest File Go software version in the market.  The latest updated version will include built-in video and audio media player, background audio playback, advanced browsing, quicker sharing of files, and protected app installs.

Users will now be able to listen to music or watch videos directly from the app. Google has kept GUI of this media player very simple.  Like other media players, the app consists of play, pause, backward, and forward buttons.  One of the important progress in the app is audio playback support where users can keep using other applications simultaneously while using Google Files Go app.

Google allows direct access to the files, folders, and subfolders of your system. It works on ‘secure app installs’, a peer-to-peer file sharing feature, which is highly secure. Google Files Go, ensures whether the files you received are safe for download. It cross-checks their existence from Google Play Store. The tech giant will inspect every app before it is being installed in your device.

The time required to share the file from one device to the other is less than 5 seconds while the speed with which it jumps between two devices is 500 Mbps. The time required is far less than the previous Google Files Go version.

Google has made the updated version of Google Files Go app on Google Play Store. The app is available with the file name as –‘Files Go by Google: Free up space on your phone’ app from the Play Store. Files Go is typically launched to support low-end devices where managing storage space is a challenging task.