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Google Fit Now Will Be Tracking Sleep Pattern Of Yours


When it comes to fitness nowadays, people are more interested in using fitness-related apps, which will help them to stay healthy. Google Fit is that platform which is created by Google to track the health activities of users to help them in maintaining the right diet. There are millions of people who use Google fit on an everyday basis when they are walking, running or doing any exercises.

Google now has made a new update to this app, which will make it record your sleep pattern. Those users who are using google fit will soon be getting more accurate results about how much sleep do they need. Google Fit will be tracking sleep patterns of users and will guide them to get a good sleep. Align with this new update it Google fit is now going to have a dark mode. The dark mode is going to help users to track the physical activity at night.

Dark mode became essential for google fit since there are people who prefer to do physical activities more at night than in the daytime. However, along with tracking of sleep patterns, the app is going to give an option of deleting the same. Users can modify sleep pattern history and even delete if they don’t find it useful. Users on iOs devices will now get walk maps for bike rides or jogging just like android platform. The workouts are going to be tracked via smartwatches and other tools which are linked with each other. These updates are going to be live next week, and it should help to improve the quality of google fit. Even though these are some necessary updates, but it will definitely help users to track their gym sessions and morning runs.

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