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Google Home Hub Will Now Come with Digital Wellbeing and Voice Assistant Commands

Google Home Hub

Most of the devices launched today work on Google Assistant or similar products.  Android is the basic platform used to run those applications. Unlike other smart display devices, Google will never integrate Android in its upcoming Google Home Hub device.  Instead, it plans to install Android Pie OS on these devices.

Further, it plans to bring Digital Wellbeing along with voice commands to Google Home Hub.  The new statistics of the app includes screen time, app usage, and screen unlocks. It will also notify users regarding how much time they have spent on their phones.  ‘Filters’ and ‘Downtime’ are the two Digital Wellbeing tools that Google will slot in the Home Hub.

Filters are more useful for parents who can restrict their children from watching certain adult or unwanted videos or music and also confine Google Assistant responses.  They can also book some useful applications or music for their children so that they are restricted from watching any other except the one that their parents have booked for them.

Downtime, on the other hand, has a number of functionalities such as Do Not Disturb, grayscale, and closes off all the important features except alarms.  Users can also mute off or block the device during specific hours of the day when they are busy with their family or friends.

List of features assimilated in Google Home Hub includes:

Home View: It gives an overview of all the smart home devices on a single screen similar to the recent Google Home app update.

Multi-room audio: Smart displays can form a part of speaker group.

Nest Hello Doorbell: It gives an idea about who is present at the door.

Live Albums: These features display all the photos in the form of the slideshow in an Ambient Mode.

Google Home Hub is not the only device that’ll get Digital Wellbeing feature support.  User’s smartphones can also access these features with the help of voice assistant commands.  For Pixel, Essential Phone and OnePlus 6 users, Android Pie will be the platform to access Digital Wellbeing tools.  You can also see how much hours of a day you have spent on your phone.

All the above features will start appearing in your smart displays next month.  So, be ready to take the lavishing experience.